my name is Keita (my friends and family call me Netto, after the protagonist of some anime I liked to watch as a kiddo) and I’m a dude who decided to just rip off the popular Linux meme “BTW, I use Arch” and make it into a website. Come on, you laughed and I know it.

On here, I’ll post stuff about my everyday life and a lot of technical stuff like Linux, self-hosting, programming and other stuff I might find interesting.

And yes, you guessed it: I use Arch, btw.

A little disclaimer

The guides and posts on this website may seem crazy, perverted and biased at times, but keep in mind that most of it actually just mocks the general stance of some elitist Arch users. There’s obviously nothing wrong with using Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo or whatever you like. That’s what Linux is all about, isn’t it?

If you feel offended by anything on this website, write your complaint on a piece of paper, roll it and put it where the sun never shines.

About me


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